Long Er is back to Blogspot

After a year flip and flop, I decide not to abandon this blog. After all, this was with me since 2008 when LongerVogue first set up in U and it was functioning most of the time. Although we have website which customers would pay by credit card now, they may feel not too far away by viewing the owner's personal blog.

I like Blogspot because it's easy to use and support customized html and css, although it was banned by some countries. Unlike wordpress, by managing "layout" session, users are able to add widgets on top menu, at side bar or in the footer menu after choosing the template. The Vogue Design is in wordpress, not because we purposely registered there but inherit from windows live space. It was our blogshop in Chinese previously. And so is Snowyn travel and photography blog which my twin sister maintains since 2004.

Here are some of Snowyn's recent photos taken in Santorini and Bandar Seri Begawan. It was a sad thing that windows live space closed down. Most of my friends didn't switch to wordpress in time and they lost everything they wrote before. Lucky we did it, but the format and all customized style messed up. And we lost most of the friends' contacts.

That was a period of time that we visited one another's blog to see him/her recent life status and left comments in poem or moral format. At that time, people wrote blogs in real feelings or sentiments of life. Unlike nowadays bloggers write advertorial or experience sharing articles. Although they are not advertising straightforwardly, they earn by sponsorship or referral links. They are advertising indeed. As e-commerce becoming popular, more and more people work as full time bloggers. The quantity of blogs increased while the quality dropped. If you have strong insight, you will distinguish those chicken ribs articles easily. Some are writing bullshit in a scientific way to attract readers to achieve their financial goals.

Thanks to globel social media that equatorial resident may know what happened in north pole immediately, yet audiences may need to identify truth and false among huge information by intelligence.

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