My best model ever - in memory of my Emma

We went to Chinese garden for a picnic on Jan 2010. That's was our first time picnic and also last. I didn't have DSLR at the time so the photo effect was not so good. I only recorded the real life and the natural smile for Emma. And until now my PS skill improved a little bit so that I dare to bring out some of the photos, otherwise I will feel sorry to such a great model.

Frankly speaking, Chinese garden is not a place of great interest in Singapore. Tourist agents may not normally bring tourists to visit this park. It's mainly for resident to do some exercises and parents to play with kids.

Emma is a great model. She could act naturally and sweetly. I didn't guide her as I was not pro at the time. Yet we got quite a number of unexpected great shots. And she said this is because the photographer understands her. So sweet.

I miss Emma, my best model and friend ever. How I wish you could sit by my side still.

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