DIY your home light. Be creative and save budge.

Do you feel the lights and lamp are too expensive in market? Do you feel the designs are common. If DIY will make rooms a brand new look and save some budget, why not give it a try. Remember to bookmark me before you forget.

1. milk box light

Designed by Ed Chew

2. clothes hangers light

Image credits: Natalie Sampson

3. Candy bear hanging light

Designed by Kevin Champeny
Please take notes there are acrylic acid bear, not real candy. Real candy may melt.

4. branch forest light

Designed by Thyra Hilden & Pio Diaz

5. Drum set light

Designed by ludwigmetals

6. old bicycle spare parts

Designed by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock

7. LongerVogue wholesale loft light

In fact, not all stylish lights are expensive if you know where to look for wholesale suppliers. Click the image and view this loft style lights. You won't believe the 3 pcs set light only mark 1 light price.

8. carved gourd light

Designed by Calabarte

9. cupcake light

Image credits: designsponge

10. globe ceiling lamp

Designed by Benoît Vieubled

11. coffee cups ceiling light

Designed by Gregory Bonasera

12. can ring pull light

Image credits: makezine

13. paper tape light

Image credits: Gabrielle Guy

14. scoop ceiling light

Designed by Francois Legault

15. plough ceiling light

Image credits: recyclart

16. lace table cloth light

Designed by Isabelle Mcallister

17. wine bottle and wood animal table light

18. water bottle bottom light

19. paper cloud wall light

20. Charlie Chaplin hat light

Use your imagination and create your own style DIY light.

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