Joomla How to insert pictures directly into articles

Click Content -> Article Manager http://snowyn.wordpress.com

Then, click the article you want to edit or create a new article.

There are two places to add in pictures: http://snowyn.wordpress.com

Under button "insert/edit image", users are able to insert and edit pictures.

Under button "Image", you will see: http://snowyn.wordpress.com

However, under single article, there is nowhere to create new folder.

Users need to go to Media Manager to arrange picture folders. http://snowyn.wordpress.com

After you upload the picture, remember to select the picture then click insert.

Now the picture is shown in text panel. http://snowyn.wordpress.com

Click this picture, then click button "insert/edit image" to change references such as border, space and etc.

Feel a little bit clear? http://snowyn.wordpress.com
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