Joomla How to change icons in dropdown list

What I mean is like this:

Under top bar "product", there are some subtitles such as Flooring and Doors. Under each subtitle, there are links with small icon.

How to change these icons?

1. click menu manager

Click the sub menu you need to edit. Here we use "Fire Safety" as an example.

2. Under "Edit Menu Item", click "Link Type Options" on the right hand side.

The rest procedure is normal picture upload and insert procedure.

Notes: here are not allowed to overwrite or delete images. You need to go to media manager to arrange images first.

3. Click "Save" after you insert the icon.

4. Refresh home page, the new look should be like this:

Icon has been updated successfully! (Please ignore the ugly icon...咳~)

Hmmm, great! Now you become a little bit detailed in design!
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