How to instal Joomla with XAMPP in localhost

You can either install Joomla on your local machine or on the web server.

Here we use xamppas local host server.

General procedure =>


Step 1. Install XAMPP

1) Download XAMPP from .

2) Run setup and check the install Apache and MySQL as service checkboxes.

3) Once the setup is complete, XAMPP screen should be view by visiting  http://localhost in the web browser like:

(Please forgive me by using Win7...)

Step 2. Download Joomla

1) Download Joomla from

2) Create a "Joomla" directory (folder) in htdocs folder in XAMPP installation folder.

3) Extract the files from Joomla zip to the "joomla" Directory.

(This "Joomla" directory can be any names such as joomla_1.7 OMG我太没有创意了。。。)

Step 3. Install Joomla

1) Copy paste http://localhost/joomla (or /yourOwnCreatedName) in web browser to start the Joomla installation.

2) Click on the next button at the top right corner after completing each step.

3) Follow the steps:
i) language setting
ii) Pre-Installation Check (check all items are green)
iii) Accept the license agreement
iv) Database Configuration
v) FTP Configuration
vi) Main Configuration
Don’t install the sample data. Don't use the same email address as mine.
vii) Finish -> click remove installation folder button.
then click .
Congratulations!! Now you have successfully installed Joomla on your local server.

Type http://localhost/joomla/administrator/ to go to back-end.

Wish you all the best in future!
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