How to install Opencart on AWS

Do not waste time on watching those wordy youtube videos. Do not listen to those "IT monkey" who bluff you how technical it is to install a CMS. It's easy to install the basic CMS on AWS. Just follow a few steps.

1. After logging in AWS account, look for EC2 under Compute in dashboard.

2. Click EC2 and click Launch instance. (AWS terms are generally weird.)

3. Look for AWS marketplace on left hand side bar, click it and key in opencart in search bar.

4. Select the opencart version you want and then continue.

5. Click free tire option.

6. Until this step you may just click Review and Launch button to launch your website as the main procedures are finished. You may continue with steps 456 as preference.

7. Create a new key pair

8. What's opencart admin user name and password in AWS.

In the instance tab, you can view the opencart you've launched just now. Key in the public IP into browser to view website front end. Add "/admin" to view back end.

User name: oc_user
Password: instance ID (starts from i-)
After logging in the back end, you may edit whatever you'd like to do.

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